The 11 greatest miles & Bring back the mile

Für die Mittelstreckler unter euch gibt es heute zwei interessante/sehenswerte Beiträge im Spikes Magazine

Die 11 besten Meilenrennen der Welt – präsentiert von Spikes Magazine

Spikes | The 11 greatest miles

Kommt sie zurück die „echte Meile“?

Spikes | Bring back the mile

Nick Willis, Will Leer und John Walker im Interview „Does the mile still matter?“

Spikes | Does the mile still matter?

Die schnellste Meile der Welt 3:28,36 von Mike Boit 1983

Spikes | The world’s fastest mile

1974 Commonwealth Games – einer der besten 1500m Läufe der Geschichte in Worten

Für alle Mittelstrecken Fans:
The New Zealand Herald | In their words: The race that stopped a nation

How is it I can run the fifth fastest time in history and finish fourth in a race?
I stood there in total amazement. I walked off the track and someone called to me, ‚loser‘. I thought, ’shit, come on, I ran the fifth fastest time in history. I know I finished fourth but was only three steps away from winning. How can I be a loser?‘ In fourth place you don’t get any prizes. I experienced that again in ’76. Fourth is not a good place. — Rod Dixon