Filmtipp: Black Gold

NZonScreen – Black Gold

Der etwas andere „Black Friday“ und noch dazu alles gratis für alle Neuseelandfreunde. 😉

For a small country from the edge of the world, achievements on the Olympic stage are badges — silver fern-on-black — of national pride: precious moments where we gained notice (even if it was Mum’s anthem playing on the dais). This legacy collection draws on archive footage, some rarely seen, to celebrate the stories behind Kiwis going for gold.

NZonScreen | Black Gold

Filmtipp: On the Run


Hier noch eine 20-minütige neuseeländische Dokumentation über die Schützlinge von Arthur Lydiard.

This film showcases legendary running coach Arthur Lydiard’s training methods through the example of his acolytes, including reigning Olympic 1,500m champ John Walker. ‚Arthur’s boys‘ (Snell, Halberg, Magee) scored attention by winning unheralded medals (two golds and a bronze) at the 1960 Rome Olympics. Lydiard later led the ‚flying Finns‘ to similar success. His method revolves around building stamina to complement speed, and was influential in popularising jogging globally. Beautifully filmed, a doco highlight is Jack Foster’s exhilarating scree slope descent.

NZonScreen | On the Run, Short Film – 1979


Filmtipp: Peter Snell, Athlete (1964)


Für echte (Mittelstrecken-) Fans der Leichtathletik ist der dreifache, neuseeländische Olympiasieger Peter Snell (2x800m, 1x1500m) und Schützling von Arthur Lydiard natürlich ein Begriff. Unten gibt es eine ca. 22 minütige Dokumentation, die kurz vor seinem Doppeloylmpiasieg in Tokio 1964 gedreht wurde.

This NFU classic tells Peter Snell’s story up to just prior to his triumph at the Tokyo Olympics (he had already won 800m gold in Rome and held the world record for the mile). Snell’s commentary — focused, candid — plays over footage of training and racing. „It always gives a feeling of exhilaration to run in the New Zealand all black singlet.“ He offers insight into the methods of coach Arthur Lydiard (15 miles a day, 100 miles a week). Includes priceless footage of Snell running in the Waiatarua hills, through bush and leaping farm fences.

NZonScreen | Peter Snell – Athlete Television – 1964 Sport Documentary
Runningtimes | How Peter Snell Trained for a WR 1:44.3 on Grass in 1962


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5 teilige Dokumentation „This is your Life“ über 86 Minuten:
This is Your Life – Peter Snell

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