1:42,95 800m Trainingsplan von Okt.-August

Der Olympiafünfte über 800m von London2012 und spätere Run Gum Gründer Nick Symmonds hat sein tägliches Trainingstagebuch von Ende September 2011 bis zum olympischen Finale im August 2012 in ca. 60 Seiten als E-Book veröffentlicht.

800m Trainingsplan von Nick Symmonds für 1:42,95

Video vom Weltrekord-Rennen

Auf seinem Youtube Kanal (und im nachfolgenden Video) erklärt Nick Symmonds mit welchen Training er am besten seine aktuelle 800m Form überprüft hat.

Training von Nick Willis seit der Hallen-WM in Sopot 2014

Auf seiner Facebookseite hat der Olympiazweite (2008 über 1500m) Nick Willis sein Training seit dem 8. März gepostet. In Sopot wurde er nach seinem 4. Platz im 1500m Finale allerdings disqualifiziert. In der Zwischenzeit hat Nick allerdings schon wieder die Meile im Rahmen des Boston Marathon für sich entschieden.

Für alle nicht Facebooker hier das Training:

My training since the World Indoors 1500m Final on March 8th:

March 9-14 – 5 days off

March 15-April 10 – Solo training away from group and coach to recharge. Ran hard mileage, between 10-18 miles/run, and let my body dictate how hard or less hard I ran. 1-2 times/week during this period I put on spikes and did 4-6x150m sprints to maintain my leg turnover. I also snuck in one 6x2min hill session, and a 4×2 mile w/o at the end as I started to get bored of straight mileage. Averaged around 80miles/week with one day off.

April 11 – first official w/o back. The Michigan (1600m in 4.28, 2k tempo in 6.15, 1200m in 3.16, 2k tempo in 6.15, 800m in 2.03, 2k tempo in 6.15, 400m in 53.6

April 12 – 8 miles easy, 8 miles steady

April 13 – 16 miles steady (had to cut it 2 miles short as not used to abnormal humidity and heat in April)

April 14 – Day off

April 15 – 3 mile tempo in 14.35+2×1200 in 3.18,3.16 (2mins rest), 3×400 in 60s (60s rest), 1200 in 3.13, 2×200 in 26.0s (90s rest)

April 16 – 8 miles easy, 7 miles steady

April 17 – 12 miles easy

April 18 – 5 miles easy +2x100m strides

April 19 – mile race in Boston (4m11s), 4x60s hill+3x20s hill (90mins after b/c of post race doping control)

April 20 – 18 miles steady

April 21 – 10miles easy

April 22 – 3 mile tempo in 14.40, 5 mins rest, 4x1000m in 2.48,46,44,42 w/ 2mins rest, 2×400 in 61s w/ 90s rest, 2x200m in 25.5s with 90s rest

April 23 – 10 miles easy, 5 miles steady

I have three races remaining in this early season – The Drake Relays mile on Saturday, the Medtronic TC mile on May 8th, and the Oxy high Performance Meet 5000m on May 15th. I have been incredibly blessed with the best run of good health in my career, which has enabled me to consistently up my mileage by about 7-15 miles/week more than normal as I gear up for the 5000m at Oxy. There I hope to run a time I deem worthy of me entering in the 12.5 lap race at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow (in addition to my favored 1500m).

Thanks everyone for your support.

Und auch Beate Schrott hat dem ÖLV Informationen über ihr USA-Trainingslager zukommen lassen:
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