Nick Symmonds – Ziele 2014, der Biermeilenweltrekord soll fallen ;-)

“You may notice that I have placed running the Beer Mile* World Record as my second most important goal [in 2014]. Why? It’s simple: That is what people care about. Remember, this is the Oval Office. It is where I conduct my business, and business is only good if people are watching.”

“Check out these two YouTube clips … The first is the most-viewed video of my win at the 2012 Olympic Trials. 81,000 views. The second is a video of me setting the Beer Mile American Record. 87,000 views. This means that the general public would rather watch me drunkenly stumble around a track than compete for a spot on our U.S. Olympic Team. And if that’s what the people want, you better believe that’s what I’m going to give them.”

“… To this end, I will be making an attempt on the beer mile world record at some point in 2014. My aim is not simply to break the world record of 5:04.9, but to shatter it and run under the elusive 5-minute mark. The training will be grueling, both on the track and in the bar, but I truly feel this is a record that should be held by an American.” – Nick Symmonds

Hier der komplette Bericht:
Runnersworld | My ’14 Quest: Break Some Records

Mittlerweile über 92000 Views für die Biermeile von Nick Symmonds:

Auch in der Steiermark hat man diesen Trend bereits erkannt, denn es gab bereits die erste? inoffizielle Biermeile (in vereinfachter Version). VIDEO erst ab 18 und nicht zur Nachahmung empfohlen. 😉